What Are The Best Link Building Techniques For 2019

What Are The Best Link Building Techniques For 2019

It’s no secret that part of any decent content marketing strategy involves link building. It’s something that SEO professional has done for years now. These days, link builders must be careful not to fall afoul of search engine guidelines on anchor links.

To get your site ranked well on search engines for any given keywords, it needs to be popular. One of the primary ways to achieve that goal is to have inbound links connected to it from websites with similar content. You can check this site to get more information about it.

So, what are the best link building techniques to use for 2019? Here’s a roundup of the ones you need to know about:

Engage in a spot of ego baiting

The art of ego baiting is one that can work wonders for any online marketing campaign. But it’s also a strategy that can backfire if you do it wrong!

Let’s say that you run a blog about high-performance cars. You could write an article talking about the vehicles that Jay Leno owns, and link to his website. When you’ve written your essay, you could then share that link with him via his social media page.

Both Jay Leno and his social media followers will want to read your article to find out more about what you’ve written.

If you’re lucky, the man himself might share or retweet your link to his fans and followers!

Offer to replace outdated content

The thing about the Web is that information can soon get out of date. One strategy that works well for link building is to offer other sites and blog owners the chance to link to newer content.

For example, someone might have produced an infographic referring to statistics from 2009. You can create a new one fresh for 2019, and ask people linking to it if they want to link to yours instead.

Chances are, most people will agree to do that. After all; they want to ensure the content on their sites is fresh too! Ask any online marketing company, and they’ll tell you it’s a creative way to boost inbound links.

Create some funky infographics

Let’s face it; we all love infographics! They turn boring data and statistics into something visual and fun! The brilliant thing about infographics is that you can easily share them over social media and on your website.

But, did you know that other site owners can also embed them in their sites too? Encourage your followers to share your infographics, and link back to your website. It saves their bandwidth, and it increases those all-important inbound links to your site.

Guest post on people’s blogs

A classic but much-used method of increasing inbound links is to post articles on people’s blogs. To pull off such a feat, you need to ensure your site, and their blog is related in some way. For instance, you could run a website selling car tires. And they might run an automotive blog.

Don’t fill your article up with spammy text. Not only will the blog owner reject your submission, so will search engines too!